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Luda chris

hi, i've looked at all of these and have seen that alcohol works, im 20yrs old and have had a really bad tooth ache, i cant afford the dentist bills, so i decided that i would get a piece of tissue and soak it in pure alcohol, yes it can be hard to find but you can always order small amounts online, then i just put it between the crack in my tooth, and left it for about 10mins, and boom the pain is gone, if you only have vodka or some other drink with a high percentage then you may have to apply it a couple times, but it does work for me, it may not work for you, but its still worth trying.

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The best alcohol to use for a toothache is whites (Jamaican Rum), works like a charm and kills any bacteria left in the tooth. I gargled with a bit of white Rum and salt and the pain was gone.


Ya dear.. thanks for the tip..
I had bad toothache and just tried this..
I used wiskey instead of rum..pp

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