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This will work for sunburns or any other kind of burn...apply regular yellow mustard to the burn. Once it dries, wash it off and this will prevent it from blistering. It really does work. I have trusted in this remedy since I was a teenager.

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My 12 year old son was badly burn't at the beach with friends. He came home and I tried a new otc product called Solar Cain by bannana boat. It did not help at all. I applied 3 times and he just cried. So I got online and saw on this website to use mustard. So I tried it and less than 5 minutes he said he felt great and was hungry. Of course he wanted hot dogs with mustard. lol. Thank you for the great tip.


this helped me alot!!! =] my hand, back and neck is burnt


ok, I spent six hours on the river with no sunblock...DUH on my part. I wanted something to work fast since its my birthday and I want to go out this evening. I was going to take a tea bath til I read about the mustard. It works well. It pulled the heat out and doesn't hurt near as bad. I put it on my face as well. The fumes burned my eyes and nose for a bit but it went away. Thanks for this advice. It worked great and I am ready to party...after I wash this off.


AMAZING!!! Last weekend I spent about 4 hours on the back of a motorcycle and got a ridiculous sunburn on my shoulders and arms...I just tried the mustard and IT WORKED! It was instant relief, I think I'll be getting some sleep tonight!!! :) :) It definitely does not smell well but it takes the sting out!


Ok, I just tried this, and to be honest, I am not completely sure if I'd recommend it. It does help, that it does; but with its help comes a steep price.

I got severely sunburned about 2 1/2 days ago. I burned my back, my chest, my arms and my face, and most severely my shoulders. About 30 hours into the burn many little blisters, filled with water started to appear on shoulders, which increased in numbers and in size by the hour. Now, about 55 hours after the burn, every movement with my arms was painful, as it would put strain an pressure on the blisters.

I tried many things, but most remedies were just a short relieve on pain, so I decided on this mustard idea. I spread the mustard relatively generously over all the burned parts, especially my shoulders. In the first minute I felt a very very slight sting sensation on my skin, which wasnt all to bad. About 10 minutes later though, the mustard started to dry and as it dried it would strain my skin with every movement, especially again on my shoulders. I wanted to wait 20 minutes before washing it off, until it was completely dry. So the next 10 minutes got worse and worse, I was really counting the seconds in the end and in the last moments before washing it off, even the movement to switch on the shower felt like dozens of razor blades sliding over my shoulders. I couldn't wait to wash it off; little did I know that I had the worst still in front of me. I switched on the shower and directed the water directly on one of my shoulders; KABOOM! The pain created by the water pattering on my skin was just incredible. It felt like thousands of little needles were shot at super high velocity right into my shoulder. And I had to get all the mustard off, so we are not talking about just a few seconds; the mustard was quite resistant to being washed off and every second seemed soooo long.

Once I had it all washed down I have to say it actually gave me some relieve. After all the pain and suffering, now about 20 minutes after washing it off I feel my skin is a little bit more relaxed, and the movement doesn't cause any pain right now. The blisters though seemed to have gotten bigger. Some of them also opened up and there is even a little bit blood flowing. The other not so severely burned areas are also relieved to some degree; ALL areas are more sensitive to touch now compared to before so that kinda sucks a little; but the constant burning which I felt before has almost completely disappeared. So in the end, I wouldn't try this again for severe 3rd grade burns with blisters, the price in pain is just too high; but as long as there are no blisters, it is worth doing.

One more advice: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES apply this to burns in your face. I did that, and after a few minutes the fumes of the mustard were stinging into my eyes. Even now they are still a little irritated.

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