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This will work for sunburns or any other kind of burn...apply regular yellow mustard to the burn. Once it dries, wash it off and this will prevent it from blistering. It really does work. I have trusted in this remedy since I was a teenager.

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Brandi Streat-Georgia

I applied mustard to my boyfriends back where he had burnt it bad from the beach. He fought me about putting it on him but after about 2 mins. his was like 'that's crazy it's working.' So i think everybody needs to try this.


im 20 and i have the worst sunburn i have ever had in my life. i forgot the sunblock, but figured if i got into the water every so often, i wouldnt burn. wrong. i burned so bad i am a walking lobster. i looked through all of these remedies and, i had already bathed in teabags, used aloe vera gel, took an oatmeal bath, everything i could think of. my husband told me to try mustard. he said that when he burned himself at work, they told him to put mustard on it, and it would draw the heat out instantly. he tried it and said it worked. so after about a day of debating it with myself, i gave in to the pain and decided to try it. it has done wonders for my legs and arms, but my stomach and my shoulders still hurt.


I am a fair skinned redhead who was dumb enough to go out on the boat this weekend without shoulders, arms, legs and feet are fried!!! I have been putting aloe on it and its not going to try this and see if it works....I would really like to get some sleep tonight.


I forgot the sunblock today and sat through a three and a half hour Tigers game. Being as white as I am, my skin nearly melted off my body. I tried this remedy. Now I smell like a hot dog, look a bit jaundice, and my skin is still burning. As luck would have it, I have emu oil so I'm trying that now. I'll leave a comment there when I find out how it works.


I told my friend Chris to try this on his head... it's all blistering and painful. Let's hope it works!!!


I got really bad sunburn on my legs today at the pool. I took a cool shower, put on aloe and bathed in bakingsoda which none really worked. I saw this mustard remedy about 30 min ago and tried it and really works! the stiffness in my legs and burning is gone!


I don't know if mustard works for sunburns, but I can vouch that it works for jellyfish stings. My skin was burning like crazy after an encounter with a nasty jellyfish. One squirt of yellow mustard really helped!


Uh well i went to the beach yesterday with my girl friend and two friends(a gay couple)..double dating.Anyway i know that as white as i am would burn and all three of them said to put sunblock on, i replied its okay(thought we wouldnt be there as long)....well long story short i am now a 18 year old 6'5 two legged walking lobster.I been trying aloe ever since yesterday...doesnt do a thing! I saw this remedy along with the tea bag one.I am getting the tea bag one ready because i dont have yellow mustard. I have Honey mustard...would that be okay to use in-case the tea bag option fails?


I have a very hig pain tolerance, but I have been near tear for the past day and a half due to this sunburn on my back and shouders. Applying this mustard has given me the first few moments of relief. Thank you somuch for sharing this remedy. You are a life saver :)


I laid out in the sun for 2 and a half hours today with baby oil on my sin... needless to say I'm ridiculously burnt... i remember someone telling me this worked before... so i just got a bottle of mustard and put it all over my body... IT WORKED i feel pretty good right now except for the fact that i smell funky and i got chunks of yellow stuff on me :D

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