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This will work for sunburns or any other kind of burn...apply regular yellow mustard to the burn. Once it dries, wash it off and this will prevent it from blistering. It really does work. I have trusted in this remedy since I was a teenager.

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This worked wonderfully. I was crying over the pain of my two day old sunburn, and couldnt find anything to help. I tried aloe, warm/cold baths, and even green tea. Nothing worked for the pain and sensitivity except the mustard, thanks for the advice. I will use it again and again.


I was out in the sun too long today..when will I learn. Anyway I just tryed the Mustard and so far I have some relief from the burnig.Now if only my headache would go away.


im as white as snow so when i went to the beach all day with no sunscreen on i turned red like a lobster. my whole body was burnt especially the backs of my legs. i tried a cool bath with baikingsoda, milk and 10 teabags. Then when i got out i put on noxima and baby-powder. it helped for a while but the pain soon came back. i will try the mustard idea because it seems to have worked for a lot of people. thanks for the tip. good luck with your burns! :)


I tan frequently in a tanning bed, but recently went to the beach all day with my family. The slight sunburn I did receive is gone, but now I have severe itching. I have used some of the home remedies before and they worked. Hope this one does as well.


I gave it a lash, after using 4 different types of burn cream......though it was BS, dead set works.....Be careful not use hot English mustard hahahaha. That would be nasty. Yellow Mustard is the hotdog mustard. (Subtle differences in Australia in pantry condiments).....bottom line is it WORKS, oh and cucumber is very instant, though short results.


not exactly the relief I was looking for but somewhat helpful


Dijon seems to work, too. I've been doing this for years, it usually (eventually) gets rid of small burns. Now I have a large one on my arm and tried it and it hasn't hurt since, I'll check back when it's been a little longer.

I'm actually trying to find out why it works, anyone know?


The reason why mustard works, as far as I can gather thus far in my exploration for a cure for my poor husbands bad burns is that it is the high vinegar in the mustard that is causing the relief. I applied cold vinegar on his skin, and it works like magic. Mustard though is thick, and much easier to keep on your skin. Good luck everyone! I was out too, though I always get nice and tan, lol.


It works!


i was burnt on both arms and i tried the mustard it didnt work it still burns and is just as red as before..

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