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This will work for sunburns or any other kind of burn...apply regular yellow mustard to the burn. Once it dries, wash it off and this will prevent it from blistering. It really does work. I have trusted in this remedy since I was a teenager.

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I tried this and it worked great. It was a minor burn (from the oven door briefly touching my arm), but as soon as I put the mustard on the sting went away and didn't come back. I wonder if it would work on more serious burns. I guess I'm not exactly excited for the opportunity to find out ;)


I layed too long in the tanning bed, and it burnt my legs pretty bad, I used vinegar and a brown paper back soaked in it, it worked for awhile, not I am going to try the mustard, it doesn't smell as bad as vinegar, I am a strong believer in home remedies, thanks for this hurts to wear clothes and to walk, learned not to over do it in the tanning bed ever


I'm hoping this works. I was out too long in the sun yesterday on the boat ;) thanks so much!


I hope this works its 3:30 am and i can't get to bed because of my sunburn thats 2 days old


I'm fair skin blue eyed freckle filled girl and I know How bad I burn but one day I made the mistake of assuming I wouldn't be out so long...long story short I burned so badly I cried like a baby and tried 4 different 'over the counter' remedies. All of which seemed to increase pain more than soothe. Finaly I tried yellow moustard and I swear upone everything holy that it worked. It was cold from the fridge so it was just perfect compared to scratchy, no matter how soft, cold wet towels. I thank you so was the only thing that worked for me.


The mustard really works. I burned 3 fingers baking cookies and tried Aloe and Ice. As soon as I put mustard on the burns they stopped hurting.

Prairie Mom

Unbelievable, but it worked for my son who burned his hand with hot water. Tried ice, aloe, Dermoplast, etc. After five hours, we tried prepared mustard. Left it on 20 minutes and the pain is gone! Go figure?


I had severe sun poisoning with blisters all over the lower part of my legs. The burn was so bad that when my legs would come in contact with eachother, the skin on both legs would start to adhere to eachother. I came to this website and read about the mustard. I tried it and felt instant relief. Once I washed it off, it started to sting a bit, so we prayed over my legs and I put aloe on them. I slept with a blanket between my legs and when I woke up the next morning, no stinging and there has been no itching at all! Less than a month later and I have only a slight discoloration left!!!! SO between the mustard, praying, and aloe my sun posioning is just a pleasant memory!


I will be trying this tonight. I burnt the back of both legs two days ago, I have tried, vinegar, Aloe, aloe and vitamin E and nothing has helped so far, in fact it feels worse. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will bring some much needed relief.


I'm a fair skinned fourteen year old, i'm redder than...something really red right now. Hope this works!!!

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