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Never, ever assume that fasciculations (muscle twitching) is RLS. If you start to experience any strange sensations in your legs i.e. calfs, seek professional advice first. Over 80% of patients diagnosed with M.S, M.D,'s and ALS had, for months, even years, assumed they had RLS. Consultants at the Institute of Neurological Sciences in Glasgow are seeing this more and more frequently thanks to self diagnosis due to Web Sites and Forums. If you can describe your symptoms as :- tingling, pins & needles, crawling, creepy, bubbles, pin-pricks, dots, insects under my skin,(to quote but a few) then be aware that these are also signs of something more serious. If you go on to describe muscles twitching to the point that you can actually see your skin move then please speak to the people who are qualified to help you. Do not assume, because some stranger on a web-site with similar symptoms has been diagnosed with RLS, that this is what you have. Do not trust your life to a P.C. We are here for a reason and we are trying to get this message across on as many websites as possible, to as many people as possible. Sadly, so far, almost 50% of our postings are being removed before viewing. A lot of fasciculations are quite harmless and we are not here to scare people, just to make people more aware. The remedy for twitching, annoying, jumping legs is quite simple:- 300g of Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate (commonly known as Epsom Salts) in a hot (but comfortable) bath, every day for a week then every 2nd day until you can cut down to twice a week. If this gives you no relief then please seek professional help.

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I agree with your post 100%. The web should never replace a medical degree.

Sarah of Michigan

Agreed. My dad WAS diagnosed by a doctor, but the meds he's on aren't helping. I researching for him.


I suffer terribly,with whatever this crap is,and I have often wondered if its not something else.I have the pins n needles,the crawling feelings,but also,my skin can get so sensitive,during one of these flares,I can't handle anything even barely brushing against my legs,feet,or arms,upper BA k.those r the places I vet it,I also have the most awful urge to stretch my legs,its the worst.I cry many nights,tossing,turning trying to get some relief.rls meds never have helped.vicadin,percocet,poppy tea,and extremely hot baths are all tht help,and forgot to mention tramadol.sleep aids,rls meds,antidepressants, etc,do nothing,for me.I am T point,tht I'm now slapping my feet n lbs,kicking,pounding them against another surface,or the sofa or bed.its always ten times worse,without my meds,but the tea really helps i with #of things I have lupus,plus its sister desease,fibromylgia.I hate my body
being dependant on opiates,but with all

my health problems,going without is no longer option.I have accepted I'm always gonna be a pain patient.I have enough problems without all this rls,or whatever it is,its the worst in my feet!I sit here,even tonight,kicking,jerking,and slapping my feet!I had this rls since puberty,way before I ever took a pain pill,so its not becouse of withdrawals,but if I run out,its 1000 times worse!sometimes I wonder if this is truly rls,and if I truly hv lupus,w/fibro,or something way worse,as you are right in your post.I heard of a girl with same symptoms as me,who was misdiagnosed w lupus,and fibro as a secondary illness,and she couldn't get any relief frm rls,even after they put her on hydromorphone,at night for it,and they got concerned at rls clinic,referred her to specialist,and turned out she had m.s! Anyways,you can email me if you hv any thoughts,please,I'm desperate!I just want to sleep!thankyou for your post,I found it helpful!as it is,its 258 am,I'm on 3hrs sleep from. Night before,due to this,I'm exhausted,but my right foot wont quit the feeling of pins,needles,supersensitive,pulling,etc,sohhere I am up, even though I need sleep,becouse of this crap!help!

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