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I've had varying degrees of eczema on my fingers, back of my hands, and knuckles for some time.
It disapeared on one hand after I broke the hand and had it in a cast for two months.
I couldn't scratch the itch, and that seems to have done the trick.
But I still had it on my other hand, and really wasn't interested in breaking it to cure the ecxema.
So I scratched, and watched it get worse then better then worse, in a never ending cycle.
The steroids from the doctor helped marginally.
Recently, I noticed that the ecxema was diminshed significantly, for no apparant reason.
So I examined recent changes in my life, and lo and behold, the only thing of note is that I recently began to eat yogurt once a day, not as a cure for anything, but just because it seemed like relatively healthy snack.
I never thought of putting the two together until I cxame across an article suggesting that yogurt might be a beneficial treatment for ecxema.
I'm going to stick with the daily yogut from now on.

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Hi Dave, my son is suffering from severe eczema and itching on his hands and knuckles. Could you let me know where I can find that article you read about healing and the link to yogurt?


I'm 18 and about a few months ago this eczema started appearing on my middle finger and now on my ring finger ( both on my left hand). I started getting it on my knees as well. I've never had this issue in my life and its the most horrible feeling. I hate shaking hands with people and everything. I'm going to try this because it seems the simplest. Thank you so much.
Can you try posting the article please? thanks!


I have had it about 8 months and tried a med- cream from my doctor..but it just masked the problem -I tried the plain yogurt yesterday (ate some) them applied some to my eczema and got immediate cooling and relief-- I think there is something to this--internal and externally (:)

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