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Hi guys,

Just found this forum today and hope to find a solution for my condition. I've just found out that I've got genital warts and anal warts...must've picked it up during my business trip to Anchorage.

I can't believe it! The only time I've slept with someone in 6 months and I get an STD!

What can I do? I'm too embarassed to go to the doctor and I don't want to use a treatment that's gonna burn...I'm in enough discomfort as it is.

I've been online and found a product called Oxyfend Zerowarts...has anyone tried it before? It uses ozone and green tea which are apparently great natural ingredients but I'd like to hear if anyone has heard of these ingredients.

Hope to get some advice from you guys soon.

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FIRST: Read EVERY post in this thread topic. There are only 10 pages and only a hand full of post per page...

This will give you confidence that you are not alone and that others have successfully gotten rid of their GW.

Also, you will be able to read first hand about the experiences of others in the various treatments. This is useful as there are warnings that could only be learned from experience.

Why attempt to cure your GW blind when others may save you unnecessary pain by relating their experiences (like by leaving treatments on too long, or being more aggressive than necessary) You will also learn what to expect so you do not 'freak out.' The warts turning black can be a scary sight, as well as when healthy tissue gets irritated.

Finally, you will begin to see what appears to work the best, and learn of other considerations should you get less than desirable results.

From my reading, it appears that ACV (apple cider vinegar) is one of the most common and best topical treatments. Drinking 5 hour Energy drinks appear to help as they are mega loaded with folate and B-6, and B-12..

Additionally, a clever freezing method is to buy generic Q-tips that have the plastic hollow tube stick, cut one end off. Then, use keyboard duster propellant as the refrigerant by inserting the open end of the cut Q-tip into the spray hole, inverting the can upside down to spray into the straw, thus making the remaining cotton swab end super cold for freezing the wart by direct application.

Another manual technique is to simply use Dental Floss to tie the base of large warts off tightly to cut off blood supply. Then you can just watch them turn colors, die, and fall off over a course of a few days.

Duct tape cut to size and applied directly on wart also appears to work as it cuts off air supply to wart. A recent US Army report validates this method as more successful than freezing and without the scarring.

Anyways, if you asked for help in your post, you obviously did not read the 10 pages of great info that was already here before you arrived.

Good luck.

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