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Apply a generous amount of honey to the external parts of the vagina. Wait at least 15 mins and rinse off with warm water.

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Honey!! This works BETTER and FASTER than yogurt, Monistat, or anything else. . Get a squeeze bottle full of honey and take it to the bathroom. Sit on the toilet and pour a very liberal amount into hand. Spread over infected area and SATURATE!! Sit there for at least 5 minutes or as long as you can. Take a nice bath afterwards to clean up, but you will feel relief INSTANTLY!! I have never had to do this more than ONCE< but repeat every couple of hours if you need it. The yeast cannot live in the honey, due to the “live bacteria” found in the honey, therefore, the infection is choked out. (This bacteria in honey is the reason children under 2 are not supposed to eat honey) Cheap, effective, painless, simple!! This works really really really really FAST and well


I've looked up using honey, and several sites endorse using it. It is to be used on the outside only, though- but it will relieve the itching. Honey has natural anibiotic & antifungal properties, this is why it lasts indefinetely at room temerature. Yes, it has sugars in it, but the sugars are a different makeup than cane sugar (which is often bleached, processed sugar in reference to our diets). Sugar doesn't have the healing properties of honey. One site recommended a tonic drink of apple cider vinegar & honey to ease the syptoms of a yeast infection. As to the doctor not having heard of this method- doctors are human; doctors can be closed-minded just like anyone else, and are just as capable of being swayed by the pharmecutical industry to trust in modern medicine (which is often questionable at BEST) rather than seek home cures. If more people sought home remedies, doctors would be hard-pressed for business. It's no wonder she gave you a funny look- many people could care less about any cure not issued by prescription.

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