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Apply a generous amount of honey to the external parts of the vagina. Wait at least 15 mins and rinse off with warm water.

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About that honey remedy! I strongly advise you NOT to do this as yeast feeds on sugar(even honey).


I tried this and I don't know if it wasn't a true yeast infection, but there was MAJOR burning involved.


why don't you guys just buy monistat


NEVER EVER EVER EVER PUT SUGAR ON YEAST... has anyone ever made bread before I mean from scratch? Well you should try this.... get a cup of 105 degree water add a teaspoon of yeast... not a whole lot happens now add a tablesppon of sugar (which is what honey is) and the yeast grows like crazy. What you have done is made the problem worse AVOID all sugars and yeasts of every kind!


I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you ladies I tried the honey, I did have some burning but I think that was due to rubbing and scratching, but the symptoms subsided tremendously now it is the second day and I still have a little itching but its much better than it was and oh yes I am also using a tampon dipped in tea tree oil and its helping so I think the honey is a thumbs up


Dioscorides described honey as being 'good for all rotten and hollow ulcers' about 2,000 years ago, when it was used to treat infected wounds. The ancients weren't so ignorant—research shows that honey inhibits the growth of about 60 species of bacteria, demonstrates antifungal effects against some yeasts, as well as the three species of fungi that commonly cause skin diseases.


Not to be overtly rude, but how many of you have been to an obgyn??? I thought every woman knew that sugar+vagina= yeast infection!


i totally tried the honey even before i read this i seen it on another thread and it didnt burn at all for me it instantly soothed the burning and itching


I was on a three day canoe trip when on the second day I definitely started to feel the itching begin. (2 days in a wet swimsuit no doubt) A friend of mine had brought garlic so I asked her for a clove and sliced it into small pieces and swallowed them like pills. No itching the next day, and no yeast infection.
When you start to feel it coming on if you just take preventative measures it will most likely go away. If I am at home I just start taking acidophoulus, and that usually nips it in the bud.
Absolutely no sugar, but I don't know about honey, seems like it might be a different chemical makeup from cane sugar.
Also, staying away from yeast in your diet means no beer. Might sound like a no-brainer to some but it took me several yeast infections to figure it out.


Will make the yeast grow. Sugar.
Told my Gyno I did this,and she thought I was ignant.

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