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My nine year old daughter developed a plantar wart right underneath her toes. Soon, she got about 5 more all in a row under her toes. I tried the duct tape with Compound W and it really didn't work. Tried the Gorilla Glue and there you have it! I used Gorilla Glue with white sports tape over it. I made her leave it on all day until shower time. She would take it off, take her shower, and I would reapply. One day, while taking off the tape, she ripped the huge one right in half. Now, she cried and it was painful, but within a week they were all gone! Unbelievable! It really, really works. The gorilla glue smothers it and it has no chance. GORILLA GLUE WORKS!!!!!!!

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how long did you use the glue for? i've tried everything and this seems almost too easy!! THX


What kind of gorilla glue? The tape or the super glue?

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