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Just wanted to put my 2 cents in, I feel home remedies are important especially with health care costs spiraling out of control.

What doesn't work: Compound W.(the spread), Aldara (to expensive didn't use long enough), freeze away.

How you can tell if they are warts: Soak them with vinegar and they will turn white.

What worked:
Apple Cider Vinegar: I used a piece of cotton ball soaked in the Vinegar, shaved the area, put the soaked cotton ball on it, then put a Nexcare Waterproof bandaid over it. I left it on for 24hours the first 2 days, then 12 hours a day (mostly at night) the next 3 days. They eventually fell off left what looked like a pus bubble in their place. It was somewhat discomforting a slit burning sensation but you got to kill the roots. Eventually it closes up and heals and they have not returned. I am very pleased with the results!!!! :)

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i would appreciate if someone would answer if the warts you see itch and burn. are they contagious like using the bathroom. how does it get transmitted?
i'm sooo scared i know i have them and trying to make appt. w/dr. asap!

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