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My ear became clogged last night. Before going to bed I used one of those rubber things that you typically use for cleaning out babies noses and filled a large cup with warm water a couple of times and forced the water into my ear. When I woke up, it was still clogged so I did the same thing with a couple more cups of warm water. Then I boiled some water and put a little bit into a cup, holding my ear over it. Then forced more water in and eventually a ton of wax came out and my ear was clear! It takes a little patience, but when it works its way loose, it's a miracle. I couldn't believe so much stuff could come out of such a small place. I don't know if this remedy works for congestion due to a cold, but it definately does for wax build-up.

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This happens to me when I get sick aswell. My doctor has me put olive oil in my ears before bed ( because it's natural, I saw somebody said Peroxide that's not a good idea). Then after 2 nights of olive oil he uses a siringe looking thing an forces water into my ear until the wax comes out.


warm water from the tap worked on my son and I am so thankful. I used a medicine syringe for about 15 min strait and I got out the huge chunk of wax out. Its like it melted it so it would come out. The Dr had told me to put peroxide in his ear and over a week nothing. So I looked for advise here, and I am so happy it worked. Thank you. he can hear again! : )


Dude you are AMAZING, my ear was so completely plugged, it was extremely annoying and irritating so i stuck a ton of q tips in my ears as far as they would go and my ears hurt even more, nothing was getting all the wax out, i was just in a ton of pain and it was so irritating i couldn't sleep at night, i would get to sleep around 7am then wake up at 9am. I have been looking for a way to clean out my ear but nothing worked like this did. a few squirts and my a Ton of wax came out, i had no idea i still had that much. but once it was out my ear is completely clear, a bit of pain from the que tips but my ears are clear! i can finally sleep more then 2 hours a night. Thanks a TONNN!!!!


I am so thankful for this suggestion! My right ear was blocked for 5 1/2 days. I knew it was due to impacted ear wax; as I got my ears syringed by a doctor in 2009. Paid Singapore Dollars S$25+S$55 (USD 62) for a hasty & hurried 5 minutes work by the doctor. I read about using the bulb syringe (what you described as the rubber thing to clean out babies' nose) and warm water and viola! my ears got unblocked immediately after 4 squirts. Now, I could know even hear a pin drop! For the benefit of those living in Singapore or non-US, I went to 4 pharmacies and they did not sell the bulb syringe. The pharmacy assistants there were giving me those strange looks too. Found the bulb syringe/ nose cleaner at NTUC Fairprice Tiong Bahru Plaza, under the baby accessories section (where the feeding bottles are). Cost me S$4.10 (US$ 3.18) only! Saved me to hassle of queuing up at the doctor's (mine had a 45mins-1hr wait time usually) and paying S$80. Many thanks to the contributor of this suggested home remedy !


I forgot to add that I used Tropex (a brand of ear drops) for 4 consecutive days, 3 times a day. I guess that helped to loosen & soften my wax before I could syringed them out. I guess using olive oil with a dropper would suffice too.


thanks!! my ear was blocked and with a medical syringe and some warm water i can hear properly again now yay!!

Jon S

I don't normally comment on blogs however, after this life changing experience I find the need. My ears have been clogged up for the past 4 weeks because of my addiction to using Qtips. Every morning I wake up and can't hear anything and it takes about an hour for my ears to pop. I decided to try the boil water and ear syringe remedy and it worked like a charm. I boiled a cup of water and kept my ear over it so the steam can go into my ear and help break up the ear wax. I did both ears. Then, I let the water cool off to a 'warm' status, took a syringe, and blasted each ear 5-6 times. The amount of wax that came out was amazing and now I can hear better than I have in many years. Thanks for awesome home remedy!

David, Torquay

Hi. My ear was blocked for 3 days straight with wax and have just unblocked it using this method- thank you so much, it worked a treat for me! It went for me as it did in the original posting- tried before bed and then again this morning and then success. Two comments- being patient with it is a very good call ( I nearly gave up just at the critical point) and secondly, for the washing out, it worked best with blocked ear over a sink and using and syringe (I used a 10ml baby medicine type) held vertically beneath ear to blast the water upwards. Thanks again!

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