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I got a e-mail the other day that said to put plain white flour on a burn for 10 mins and you will have no blister no burning no redness no anything. I told my family about it and about a week later my mom burnt her finger really bad. She put her hand in cold flour that she had in her fridge and left her hand in the bag of flour for 10 mins after the 10 mins she took her hand out and there was nothing not even a red spot. So if you get a burn of any kind put white flour on it for 10 mins cold flour feels better than room temp.But make sure you keep in on for 10 mins. It works it really does

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Didn't magically cure, but most certainly did relieve. I recommend for sure!


Sure am hoping I didn't wait too long for this to work. I burned my wrist on the oven rack, applied Neosporin to ease the pain, then googled this...found this suggestion. Something just seemed right about it.
I then applied loads of white flour and let it sit there for about 30 mins. The pain almost immediately subsided. Now I just have to wait and see if it helps get rid of the blister that started. It goes seem to have subsided. Thanks sooooo much!!


The flour worked, amazingly! I burned the palm of my hand when grabbing the handle of a skillet that had been in the oven at 425 for 25 minutes. So stupid, but I did it.=) The pain was off the charts. I left my hand in the flour from my pantry until the sting was almost gone...40 minutes or so. It wasn't perfect but was much better than it had been. For good measure, I poured bleach on it too! My hand was comfortable enough to be able to sleep and by morning hardly noticeable I had been burned.


Tried this on my 4 year old. Just seemed to make him mad.... Maybe didnt leave it on long enough before trying the camomile honey vanilla tea bags out of cold water... Seams to work great...or maybe my buddy just ran out of tears :(


Can't believe this really works I just spilled boiling water on my hand put it in flour for 20 minutes and no blisters!


I burn't my hand and I read the site and tryed it and it does work . It goes for 8 to 5-4 right away


It works!!!! Not immediatly but after the mustard and also and the o oil and the aloe.i left my burnt hand in a flour bag for about an works.

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