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I have two shar pei's with really,really bad skin problems. We tried everything under the sun and they kept getting worse.They were itching,chewing,scratching,biting and shaking themselves to death.It was so BAD we thought we were going to have to put one of them down.We tried all kinds of meds from the vet,home remedies,and anything we could think of to help them.Nothing worked Untill i came across this home remedy that said to mix A WHOLE TUBE OF A&D OINTMENT,A WHOLE JAR OF COCO BUTTER,1 SHOT GLASS FILLED WITH OLIVE OIL,AND A WHOLE TUBE OF DESTIN OINTMENT TOGATHER. I mixed these things togather and smeared my dog that was the worst with it i put a doggy cone on his head so he wouldent lick himself and get sick.I put ihim in his cage only letting him out to go outside.He slept in his cage for a day & a half then i repated the process with my second dog.After about 3 days they seemed a little better.Within a week they were alot better and 3 or 4 weeks later they were almost completely healed.It has been about 7 months since i put the mixture on them and they are completely better.All there hair has grown back they hardley ever chew,scratch,or bite.Im telling you if it wasnt for this home remedy i would have lost at least one of my dogs if not both. I hope this works for you and MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOUR DOGGYS. ANGIE

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I bought eveything you said today from walmart. My small schnauzer is infected :( all i need is the puppy cone and i will try this tmrw. i hope it works i will keep posted! thanks!


did it work ..did your dog have mange


To Angie-
Did you apply this mixture everday or just that one time?

do you have to repeat this daily for it to work,or only one time and then you wait?


This works! Day 3 and it's clearing up!


Initial application: cover the entire dog using rubber gloves. Put your dog in their cage or tie him up. Cover your furniture with sheets; because it will get everywhere. This is really messy but it works. Your dog will lick some off; but it's not harmful to your pet. Reapply for a few days to the main infected areas. Once it's cleared up give your dog a good bath (Dawn dish detergent or oatmeal shampoo)

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