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First offthat this is a forum for people with RLS to support one another iswonderful.
It's hard to describe it to someone without it and sometimes they don't understand how much it affects your life. I've found that taking ibuprofen or tylnol pm bfore bed helps me alot but my RLS feels like an achiness mixed with a pulling. When it's really bad I pull my knees up under me to fall asleep. I think it cuts off my blood supply to my legs a little and numbs them. I've had symptoms of RLS since I was a little girl and just was (finally)diagnosed at 30. My DR put me on Mirapex but I've heard bad stuff about it. Also I'm on Celebrex and heard SSRI's can increase the symptoms so I'm terrible right now!

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I Had them restless legs for about 10 years tried everything...last year started taking chlorella 5 grams a day and i swear they dispapeared after 2 weeks i was in shock myself could not beleive it so i stopped it for 3 weeks and they came back...started them again and it went away so it WORKS well for me it did hope this could help someone with the Restless leg syndrome... :-)

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