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old army trick... pee on the rash, (use your own urine, not your buddy's. urine is 100% sanitary, its even safe to drink, but only to the person it belongs to) let it dry, wash with soap and cold water. the itch will go away instantly. continue this treatment for a few days and the rash will disappear. sounds gross, i know, but it works. and doesn't cost a dime.

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I think this is a psychological trick. The itch does not go away. It is still there, but now you are thinking about how you just pee'd on yourself and not the itch.

Captain Stating the Obvious

Your own pee is safe to drink? Obviously written from the 10 year old posting.


NO! That is not a 10 year old that is posting! Urine has several healing properties (poison ivy rash included!) When both of our sons were stung by jelly fish, off the South Carolina coast, the FIRST advise we were given, by both lifeguards and attending medical staff, was for each boy to urinate on their own stings. The chemicals in the urine draws out the toxins as well as dries the wound and acts as a instant pain reliever. (Be careful not to assume that you know more than you actually do).


One last thing... urine CAN provide life-saving properities if it is consumed. There are many instances where people have survived life-threatening situations (being deserted for weeks on end with no water source, for example) by being forced to drink their own urine to avoid dehydration. The salt and electrolytes in urine can mean the difference between life or death in critical circumstances. All it takes is a little bit of reading, fellas, to be informed! This is not a mystery... rather, it is a very well known reality by most people.

Better to be pissed off than pissed on.

I saw the jellyfish sting treated with pee on Survivor one year. And a guy in Florida who just got lost in the everglades survived drinking his own pee for 3 days. Brings a whole new meaning to the idea of self-sufficient, doesn't it?


Actually you are mostly correct except your own urine is NOT safe to drink. You can survive on someone else's urine but not your own. Drinking your our own will cause vomiting which will in turn cause dehydration. But for everything else mentioned your own pee works fine.


You are not correct. Your own pee IS safe to drink. You would not want to drink someone elses pee. It would be pretty gross either way but I guess if it were life and death I would do what I had do. Anyway watch Man vs. Wild. He drinks his own pee quite often and does not get sick. Your own pee is safe.


I've never used a urine cure myself, but I've heard of it! There's a book about it entitled, 'Your Own Perfect Medicine,' by Martha Christy. When you see 'urea' listed as an ingredient in skin care products, that's urine!

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