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Apply mineral oil on the baby's scalp liberally. Let it soak for a few hours at least and then wash the baby's scalp with baby shampoo. Use a wet wash cloth to gently rub the baby's scalp in small circles while you wash the hair. Use firm but gentle pressure.
It might take a few tries until its gone completely. Keep repeating at least once a week.

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I would never want to put a petroleum oil product on my baby's skin. This is a poor choice in my opinion.


Yes, mineral oil as well as many unnatural baby products (Johnson & Johnson, etc) is made up of toxic ingredients. Allowing these to soak into your child's skin (or even yours) fills the body & organs with toxins. Although it may have no short term effect, these in the long term are some causes of many common diseases such as cancer. The organs get so filled with toxins they can no longer function properly. IF YOU CARE, DON'T DO IT.


Amen to the other two comments. Mineral oil, baby oil and petroleum based products should not be used on adults skin and most definitely not on a baby's skin. They are shown to be contaminated with carcinogens. I mean really, petroleum and petroleum based products need to be kept where they belong......such as the automobile industry, not on our skin!
For those of you who would like a natural remedy, try calendula, viola, centella asiatica (Gotu Kola) and organic almond oil, which is completely neutral and perfect for sensitive baby skin/scalp.

Emma Lucy

The damp wash cloth really does work at working the scales off the skin. but i used extra virgin olive oil to soak in and lift the flakes, its much better for babies skin.

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