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I read the many treatments of subscribers to this website. I have had RLS for 50 years. Started on Mirapex about 5 years ago but I have to increase the medication as time goes by. I know that I get RLS when I become anemic. My doc orders Iron for me, I.V.about twice a year. One good treatment is apple cider vinegar. Drink 2 tbps. in water or rub the vinegar on your legs. You can also order Caleb Freeze organic liqued from their website.The liqued has apple cider vinegr, garlic and ginger in an 8oz. bottle. It does wwork. When I get desperate I put Thermacare heat pads on my legs. The heat will last for 8 hrs and stops the RLS.

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In this drug dependent world, it seems like anytime I go to a doctor I come home with three new prescriptions, so I love to read about natural home remedies that work.
Thanks for your comment.

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