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I wash my animals in Ajax it kills fleas, & ticks. I also keep a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of tea tree oil (Shake well before each use) and I spray them down with this when they go out or come into the house. If they are in your home just sprinkle Borax onto your floors and leave it for a little while, (you will see instant results)then just vacuum up. I havent had any flea problems since Ive started using this method.

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people please no tea tree oil... toxic to cats... people ok... google it :) I used it once and my cats got really sick...


OMG - Ajax contains bleach, which is extremely harmful to both people & pets & the environment in general. Please do NOT use ajax or anything with bleach - EVER!!!!


out of your mind!! NO AJAX! if you can't ingest it, don't put it on yours or your animal's body


I am thinking this person is using ajax dish soap, prob not the scouring powder.


This person is using the AJAX dish soap smarties & it isnt as harmful as others make it seem. It is okay to use on pets. (&just cuz you cant eat it or your pet doesnt mean it shouldnt go on it).. Thanks for the tip; this remedy seems less harmful to the animals than the others.


Why is it that people write what they use or what methods work for them and others are screaing and yelling at their tatics... 'you should be tied to 4 horses and ripped apart' common seriously what ever happened to 'If you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all?' If you dont like what other people suggest just ignore it and say nothing... Obviously it works for that person otherweise they wouldnt suggest it. Its your choice to take it and use it or take it and leave it... Death threats and telling people that they shouldnt be on this earth because they do something different than you doesnt mean they should die! Im greatful to all of the people who have given their suggestions to flea control, Im trying to get my brother in laws home under control and this might be one thing I try... Thank You for sharing your method!


Well Annette, the people you disdain are not using Ajax cleanser, they are using Ajax dish soap. Big differance. People must learn to never speak in absolutes, cuz there is no absolute. But a bath in dish washing liquid is ok on occasions, but not for everyday bathing.

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