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Cynthia McBride

I have several dogs and several cats and I just can not afford the Frontline medication for all of them! A retired veterinarian friend gave me this remedy a couple of years ago and it DOES WORK!

Buy a bottle of Bayer Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed. You can get it at Lowe's or Home Depot or anywhere gardening supplies can be found. It comes in about a quart sized plastic blue bottle.

Shake the bottle, then dip your finger (or a Q-Tip) in and apply to your dog just like you would apply Frontline, between the shoulders, down to the skin. I use it about once a month, or once every three weeks if there is a real problem.

You can even use this on cats, although I do not like to put anything on cats if I don't need to. I have found that if I treat all of the dogs, the cats automatically get treated, because all of the fleas eventually die from the dogs. Therefore, I hardly ever apply it to the cats.

One of my dogs is allergic to fleas and he no longer has bald spots from flea bites itching him! THIS STUFF WORKS! And it is a lot cheaper than the medications!

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I have been using this for 3 years, with great luck! One of my dogs has all kinds of allergies, especially to flea bites. He always had bald spots! He has never had a bald spot (from chewing, rubbing, etc.) since I started using this.

Use it just like Frontline or Advantage. More for a very large dog, less for a tiny dog like the Yorkie.

Get it down TO THE SKIN. I also put some right above the tail on my larger dogs. Use it for a few days in a row if you have a big problem. Probably better to wash the dog first, get rid of some fleas and then try this. If you are really infested, put some in a spray bottle and spray the bedding (when dog is not sleeping on it).

Yes, this is a chemical, and yes, I would use it on myself before I would let disease carrying parasites suck my blood! Anyone who is more worried about chemicals than bugs sucking blood out of their pet is the ignorant one!


Could this be sprayed on carpets?

Don Quixote

Please Google search 'Bayer Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed,' download the PDF for the labels and read.

'Hazards to Humans and Domestic Animals
-Harmful if swallowed or absorbed through skin.'

I know that Frontline, Advantage, etc. are expensive, but I don't know if this method is the way to go either. The warning label specifically states this, so I'm not going to try this.


Are you kidding me??!!!! You really are putting this on your pet??!!! If you can't afford your pets, please give them to someone who can.


A retired VETERINARIAN told me to do this. He has something like 20 dogs. I have used it for 3 years and my dogs have never looked better!

I once worked for a groomer, and we had idiots bringing dogs in that were sick and infested with fleas because they would not use anything but natural stuff and the flea problem persisted, to the detriment of the dogs' health. One of my dogs is allergic to EVERYTHING, yet he has never had a problem with this. You only use a few drops! Not like I am bathing them in it! Do ya think Front Line and Advantage is not chemicals?!?


I would ask first and seek help for big infestations this IS NOT treament but works as repellentn jus bath dog in apple cidar vingar mixed with dog shampoo meausure mixture as u please


My poor dog has had fleas terrible this year. I will try this ASAP. For the ones who worry about the chemicals; I am sure that the small drop or two that you will be using won't harm your dog.


Bayer stopped making the regular tree and shrub protect. Dont usew the new stuff its called Protect and FEED. The FEED part is bad for your animals. There are other products that are still fine though, just look them up.

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