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Cynthia McBride

I have several dogs and several cats and I just can not afford the Frontline medication for all of them! A retired veterinarian friend gave me this remedy a couple of years ago and it DOES WORK!

Buy a bottle of Bayer Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed. You can get it at Lowe's or Home Depot or anywhere gardening supplies can be found. It comes in about a quart sized plastic blue bottle.

Shake the bottle, then dip your finger (or a Q-Tip) in and apply to your dog just like you would apply Frontline, between the shoulders, down to the skin. I use it about once a month, or once every three weeks if there is a real problem.

You can even use this on cats, although I do not like to put anything on cats if I don't need to. I have found that if I treat all of the dogs, the cats automatically get treated, because all of the fleas eventually die from the dogs. Therefore, I hardly ever apply it to the cats.

One of my dogs is allergic to fleas and he no longer has bald spots from flea bites itching him! THIS STUFF WORKS! And it is a lot cheaper than the medications!

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Beth Lambke

Cynthia - Does this work for ticks as well?

Carla Miller

How much do you give them at a time? Oz, teasp, tablespoons, how much???? Really need a cheaper choice.


This does work. I have never had a tick problem, but he told me it would work for ticks as well.

Just dip your finger into the liquid, and rub the wet finger on your dog's shoulders, down to the skin. The skin oils will transport it all over the dog (or cat).

It is about $20 a bottle. I balked at that, but then I remembered that Frontline or Advantage is about $15 PER DOG. You can split a bottle with a friend, you both can save money. My friends use this too, with great luck!


I have everything from an 95 pound labrador to a 3 pound yorkie, is there any difference on dosage? is there any side effects that could possible harm them?


Gonna try this. I noticed the active ingredient is the same as Advantage (Imidacloprid). Seems like this is the way to go to me. Going to buy a bottle now. Thanks a bunch!!


seriously this works?? aren't you worried about putting chemicals on your dogs skin?? would you put that on your own skin?? Ignorant!!


i HAVE 7 DOGS AND JUST MOVEDto Georgia and this is the first time my dogs all got fleas, I gave them capstar and that worked for 2 days bombed the house and used Talstar front and back lawn. I put frontline on yesterday and it has cost $400 in the last 2 weeks. I am at a loss I will try this stuff hope it works thank you


Umm, HELLO?!? It has the same ingredients as 'Frontline'... and YES i would obviously apply this to my dog with my own hand...


ok i tried this last nite but it doesnt seem to be doing anything and its been 12 hrs later.. they are scratchin and goin more crazy then they were before.. rubbin all over the couch but they are scratchin more alot more... so how long before you see signs


I am a little worried about trying any home remedy, but with 5 dogs-- 1 majorly allergic to fleas, I just cannot afford frontline!! So, I'm thinking about trying this. Is it really safe? I dont mean to be skeptical, but it sounds way too good to be true!!!

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