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After finding warts near my vagina I freaked out and went to the planned parenthood to see what they were. Sure enough they were warts. (This can happen to anyone! So don't feel embarresed or ashamed. I read and my doctor at planned parenthood told me that 90% of Americans will go through this at some point in their lives. They put acid that burned on the ones that were there are now there are faint scars. The acid did not work for everything. This is when i went with the home remidies.
I put apple cider viniger on all of them, tea tree oil and vitamin E on the existing scars to help with the healing. My scars are now almost invisible.
The apple cider is a little painful and does not provide instant relief. It is a week process.
What i did was i wrapped them up in the apple cider every night and kept them wrapped for as long as i could during the day.
a week later they were looking much better and there is only one left that is stubborn but i think that the ACV got most of it off. All the tiny ones i popped like a pimple and i got the root of the wart out. THANK GOD. i know it sounds bad but if you can get away with the pain its ok to pop the very small ones and be sure to put HYDROGEN PEROXIDE to make sure that the wart that is popped is sterile and will NOT SPREAD to other areas of your genital region.

I read so much and researched alot about these things This was my first outbreak and they are almost all gone and i am hopeful that they won't come back. Everyone's case is different and there are things that work for some and not others. Listen to your body and do what you feel is right. I am very lucky that i have such a supportive boyfriend that has been here helping me get through it physically and emotionally (it is just as much of a battle emotionally as is is dealing with the physical warts!)
And please be sure not to get too down and don't let it effect your everyday life. I spent many nights crying and upset and it is very tough but you can get through it and come out strong.

And for any young people, don't be scared to tell someone that you trust. It is alot better to go through something like this with someone rather than to try to do it all by yourself, no one will judge you and i personally was suprized with someone that i went to about this. My friend, a beautiful women and mother told me about the homeopathic ways that she remidied hers when she contracted it when she was 16.
Do your research, listen to your body and you will be ok.
Any questions just comment back and i will get back to you.
Take care

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Just wondering, since you mentioned that friend's mom got it when she was 16. did she ever mention to you that she never got them back?

I heard they never go away.


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