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Three days after having sex with my boyfriend, who was recovering from boil surgery at the time,I got a boil on the spot that had touched where his not-so-well-covered healing boil scar was. His surgeon had told him that it was extremely rare for boils to be contagious, so we weren't worried. Surprise! :( I soon developed two other boils on my bottom and thigh and all of them grew to the point of being full-blown and very painful. I didn't know what to do about it, and my bf's experience with surgery was that it was worse than the boil itself and plus it left scars, so I didn't want to go that route. Eventually, those boils healed over, but within the next 9 months I had four more outbreaks of varying degrees. I took an antibiotic my gyn prescribed for a different condition on one occurance, and that seemed to stop the boils too. I was good for 4 months after that, but then the boils returned. I was at my wit's end. I read on this site about turmeric and decided to try it. I was desperate!

I took homemade turmeric capsules, as they are way cheaper to make than to buy ready. 4 capsules= 1 tsp, and I did that 3 times a day as I recall. Then I put turmeric on a cotton ball with Campho-phenique on each boil and secured them with band-aids. To my relief, the boils that had already started to develop didn't develop further, especially if I caught them really early on. Put the turmeric on right away! However, the ones that were already in development phase seemed to stall out and not heal quickly, though they didn't develop as they would have if I had left them alone, as per my previous experiences with boils. None of my earlier boils just stopped growing like that. They all went full-blown. However, the strange thing with this outbreak was that I got MORE boils than I ever did before-about 10, whereas before I had never had more than 4 at a time. Only two of these got full-blown though, while in the past they all did. I don't know if the turmeric altered the pattern or not, but the trouble is, the two that did develop were the worst ones I ever had. I continued with the turmeric, but I decided to go to the doctor since I was in so much pain.

She offered to lance the worst one which annoyed me because it was already starting to drain and that would have left me with a nasty scar. Once it starts to drain, the worst is over, so I didn't see the point. My goal at that point was to get them to stop coming back!

She gave me an oral antibiotic and a gel to coat the entire affected area with that she said worked well at decolonizing the skin of the staph that causes boils. I did everything she said and continued with the turmeric. I didn't get any more boils after that, and have been boil-free for 9 months. I did also have a friend send me reiki energy.

Since then I have been careful to never wear exercise shorts twice, shower daily atleast, and especially after exercise or sweating. For the first few months I used Hibiclens to wash the affected area every day. I read about it here and the dermatologist also recommended it to keep the staph under control. I'm not sure what to make of using turmeric, but hopefully it will give some food for thought for someone suffering from boils. Good luck!

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carla snow

honey that aint no boil he have told u a lie u ma have a std warts


Go buy Ichthammol Ointment. It's over the counter, no prescription needed. It worked miracles on my boil, I used a hot cloth for a few days and then applied the ointment and it drained within 24 hours. Amazing stuff! It may even help in the first stages of a boil, give it a try! :)


Boils are contageous and do spread. Staph lives in your nose. Take a Q-tip and apply anti-biotic cream and rub it around in your nose. That will stop you from getting them. Good luck


Thank you for your post and I'm truly sorry for your suffering with this. I too have suffered with this same disorder for 12 years, since I was 15. I was just diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa 3 months ago. No Dr. I ever went to had uttered the words hidradenitis suppurativa to me, but after several years of doing research on the internet, I finally found out what I have. There are 3 degrees of this disease and I am at a stage 2, which means you have re-occuring boils that are connected to each other by under skin sinus tunnels. I am interested in preventing the disease from progressing to stage 3 and since there is no formal cure for hs, would like to know more about the homemade capsules. Your response is greatly appreciated.

Tim Hook

You guys I don't want to seem like I have an answer but rather a suggestion.
Would it help if you tried sitting in a steam room or sauna?
This thought is of opening your pores and also the benifit of sweating out poisons.
But beware you also may pick up something in a unclean enviorment...
but do not dismiss this thought.
I mean when was your last good regular sweat?

Also I use Dove soap in the shower because it is the only one that doesn't leave me feeling like I have a 'film' on me.
(And they probably do leave a film on.)
Thanks TJ

Tim Hook

Hey,Let me clarify this (Steam room and Sauna comment) This is more of a preventive measure than if you have active open sores; Stay away from public pools, saunas,steam rooms etc with any open wound!
Ans either stand or sit on a towel in S/Room, Sauna(and do not reuse it until washed.

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