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I contracted the 'curse' from the 2nd guy i was intimate with, I WAS CRUSHED, thought my life was over. Over the past 20yrs i have found that adding a tablespoon of miracle 2 neutralizing water, and 1 tsp food grade hydrogen peroxide to my jug of water each day PREVENTS OUTBREAKS! The miracle 2 cleans the blood, and the hydrogen peroxide kills the virus. Its been over a year for me, and my boyfriend is still curse-free :)

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when you say you add 1 tsp. of the food grade H2O2 to your jug of big is your jug of water? I am thinking that might be easier than doing a 16 day so many drops per 8-11 oz. of water three times a day..kind of thing. This sounds easier to do. And if it works for you...and is safe..then I want to try it too. Can you let me know...? is it a 64 oz jug, or a gallon, or quart...or regualr water bottle?


did you find out quantity. i had never heard of this as a remedy. would like to know the answer to quantity and if this is something safe to drink and where can i get this food grade hydrogen peroxide and other item mentioned. I have had genital herpes for 30 years and for the most part i just ignore it. I dont get outbreaks often but when i do, sometimes it can be quite painful, like tonight and I put some arnica right on the affected area, it stings a bit and then helps the pain, but i do need something more preventative and to help it go away faster when i do get it. I do take lots of vitamins and herbs to boost immune system so i am good with that. Just need treatments that are not prescriptions. Is there an actual cure?


I read the information on the Miracle II website about it and they say to add 7 drops into a drink which I am also going to assume is 8 oz.

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This Is What I Believe To Be An Actual CURE For This Virus. In Order To Combat, Fend Off Or Kill Any Disease Or Virus You Must Understand It's Living Conditions And How They're Able To Reproduce. Any Disease Or Virus CAN'T Live In A Heavily Oxygenated Environment. The Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide When Added To Water Creates A Rising Of Oxygen Levels In The Body Which Creates An Environment That No Virus Nor Disease Can Live In. Which Means They Will Be ELIMINATED!!! These Products Mentioned Are Something That Ya'll Should Definitely Look Into

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