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Hiccough's are caused from your stomach contracting. Lay down or lean back and relax your entire body. The sooner you relax the sooner your hiccoughs will go away.

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This is the one that works for me. I lay down on the sofa with my feet up on one arm. I relax for a few moments (1-2 minutes works). Sugar tastes good - couldn't try the vinegar. Peanut butter didn't work but the dog loved licking the spoon while I tried bending over. Had to change my shirt after trying the two fingers in the ears and having my wife pour a drink in my mouth. My ears are a bit sore from pinching - but that didn't work either. Just couldn't do the aspirin under the tongue - same reason as the vinegar. Well, just thought I'd put in my 2 cents worth - have to go to the bathroom now from the 6 glasses of water I tried.

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