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This obviously may not work for some but I thought it worth sharing because for has done wonders and is so simple. I read somewhere that it was due to the temperature change in your feet. Well I always have had cold feet and anytime I would get into bed, they would soon heat up. Now every night I go to bed and keep my feet out from under the covers and haven't had a RLS encounter for months. I hope this helps someone. Would be interested to know if it does. E-mail me at if it does

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I agree that foot temp is a factor. When I get RLS when driving if I take my shoes off it always helps.


yeah i noticed that , so ur so right and not alone , thanx for info


It works for me too, to some extent. Showering with hot water before going to sleep or even sometime during the night is much better.


mine really gets going when i get too hot, which is difficult because i am always so cold at night that i sleep with a heated sock filled with rice in my bed. if it is just warming my skin a little thats ok, but when i feel like i am too warm to the core, the RLS kicks in. i am constantly moving my legs around trying to find the cold spot. one thing i found that really really helps is the same sock filled with rice, only i don't heat it. sometimes i stick it in the fridge for a few minutes before bed. it stays cool for a really long time and really takes the edge off.

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