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Pee Wee

First breakout a few days ago YAY! Anyways I have had breakouts all my life on my mouth until I tried the Tylenol and ice directly on the blister, works good if you catch it at first tingle, it wont even break out most of the time. works the same on the down stairs ones too. I only have problems with breakouts when im stressed or drink Alcohol, or too much sunshine. Its not a death sentence just a minor annoyance. It could be worse. I hope this remedy helps? It works for me ;)

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im happy to see u have a positive outlook on this virus i myself have herpes simplex 1 im only 19 yrs of age an im scared to death im worried i wont ever find my soul mate this website is the only thing that will make me sleep at night we are at war every day with our disease spread the positive out look

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