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Mix equal parts water, peroxide, and white vinegar. Use an eye dropper to put a few drops in ear. Let set for a minute. Tip head to let mix drain. Put a piece of cotton in ear. It's better to do before you go to bed. Recipe was given to me by a doctor in Florida. Works great.

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Water can harbor bacteria, try the 50/50 Vinegar / Rubbing Alcohol insted


The whole point of this excercise is to remove water from the ear, not put it back in.


I use two or three drops of straight paroxide. Let it sit in the ear until it stops bubbling then drain the ear. Three times a day for four days does the trick.

Sleepless in GA

My 9yo son and I went swimming last night, tonight he was crying with ear pain. I used this treatment and the pain stopped within worked for us!


This treatment is the only treatment that comes up repeatedly when googled so it must work. Just because there is water in the mix doesn't mean its going to hurt anything. Besides this is what a Doctor told me to do!


What my family did was similer to what urs says to do we used a q-tip and peroxide and pored peroxide on the q-tip and then put it in my ear and twisted it around until it starts to bubble in ur ear. And this really does work. it happens really fast like 10 seconds. And you dont fill a thing! Works great hope you try it somtome.

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