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I have had GH for over 10 yrs I love this website I've read a lot of wonderful ways to help me through IE:tylenol PM paste and epsom salt baths. My OB's are few and far between and I am sure everyone is different. I read a lot of advice about certain foods triggering OB's. I do not drink alcohol but I am a chocoholic and I love nuts. I'm very laid back so stress is not my trigger I do notice however when I'm sick and prescribed a penicillen derived antibiotic I get a yeast infection along w/GH OB when I'm sick I always ask the doc for sulfatrim or something that's not fungal based.

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I read all these with great interest,me having comedown with dreaded gh. I had tried several thing like everyone else,some work some maybe works for them, but this is great information. What I have found that seams to work for me is from Walgreens 2-single dose one day treatment Comes in two breakable vials ,work really fast.almost overnight


Thx for your good idea.I will share it with my friends at Hloving.Com...And I have to accept 'My home remedies' is a nice site...


Have Herpes? you are not alone. Find others with same heroes at site named you may be upset and think your sex life is over. However, once you settle down and learn the facts, you'll realize that having Herpes is not the end of the world, and it's not the end of your social life.


first off thank you... i have been living with GH for just over 2 years now...ugh!! and whenever i have a breakout it is mostly when im stressed or when i have also taken antibiotics to treat sickness...which as you said also leads to a yeast infection..ugh! currently am battling both and instead of going to the doc i came online (ahem at 430 am) to find a home remedie instead of paying an arm and a leg to the docs....your article says tylenol PM paste? what is that? smashed up tylenol pm with some water?


hi, i had gh since 2000.. To NOTROUBLE, what is Walgreens nd where to buy? How much? Thanks.

To Mr. Natural, what is this one month cure for gh? Pls. share. Thanks. Goodluck to us.

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