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Jody Kile

My 8 year old son had a small plantar wart on the ball of his foot. I took him to his doctor twice and had it frozen. They told me to keep filing it down and applying OTC medicine to it everyday. This I did for a couple of weeks. It only got bigger (really big) and he developed another small one next to it. All this did in my opinion was spread the virius. After reading the comments on this site (and praying) I tried the bee propolis 70% tincture. I could cry with gratitude to the person who posted this remedy. His small wart disappeared in about 3 days. The large one took about 2 weeks. This was completely painless (and NO filing). I bought the tincture online at vitacost for around $11.00. Over the two weeks I applied it every night before bed. It is very sticky so have a large bandaid ready to put on and avoid getting it on anything else. Sometimes the small bandaid would stick to the wart and this was painful for my son. He also took 3 1000mg pills over the two week period. After several days the wart appeared to be drying out. It started pushing itself out of the skin...then one morning I took off his bandaid and that wart fell right off. It didn't gradually disappear it just pushed out of the skin and fell off. I think an adult could actually get rid of their warts faster by applying the ticture twice a day and taking an oral dose of the proplis. But now I am just spectulating. I am absolutely amazed and forever grateful for this remedy.

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Letty Bug

I have purchased the products. I am waiting for there arrival. My Mother has 4 small planters warts on her heel no big one thank God. I am looking forward to see if this will help her. I pray it does. hanks for your imput i will keep everyone updated.


Well as promised here is my update ... I AM SO THANKFUL for this posting thank you very much ... After I purchased the product i placed it on a bandage as you suggested and it is extremely sticky after only two days the little warts came right out onto the bandage. I was so happy as was my Mother. Its only been one week and all of them are gone but i am continuing. this routine because although they are not present they may. What makes this methad different is that the skin actually keeps healing itself and no longer leaves and indention where another one can return. I wish i was able to post pictures so i can explain but those that was it removed know what i am talking about. Prayers also took a part on this and I really THANK YOU! In a week or so i will return and inform you if it is completely heeled with no signs of returning.


I am so glad it worked for your mother too! It has been several months now for my son without any further treatment and he is perfectly fine! It seems the apple cider works for alot of people but if they only knew how painless bee propolis truly is they would try it first!

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