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Go to Ehow site and search How to Use Peroxide to Remove Ear Wax. I just did it this morning. My left ear was so congested b/c I had a bad cold. Then yesterday I decided to stick a qtip to clean it out...WRONG MOVE! I made it worse. So i was desperate to find an at home remedy. Hydrogen Peroxide works wonders. Follow the instructions and don't let the bubbling bother you. I told my hubby I will be cleaning his ears tonight using this method. Try it out it doesn't hurt.

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Yea its tru guys


I have made it worse before too...ended up w/ a badd ear infection :/


I'm going to try it. Not only is my right ear clogged, but I'm constantly hearing a muffled beating sound inside my ear all the time. My infant son had ear wax blockage before. The doctor filled his ear with part water and hydrogen perioxide. I saw a plug of wax rise to the ear surface. It worked. Now it's my rurn.


Far easier & safer to put 3-4 drops of baby oil in the ear & let it soak in while laying on your side.Once every few weeks & never have wax problems again.


Best remedy! And if you do it twice a day when you feel a cold coming on usually stops it in its tracks!!


My mom used to clean our ears out all the time with peroxide when I was growing up ( my brothers n my sister, n I) n ummm I'm 50 so u know how long ago this was, this remedy isn't new just like all old remedies they r forgotten abouy


Sorry Folks this doesn't work for everyone, It has made mine worse


Be prepared for itching! lol


this did not work for me what so ever. it made it worse

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