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Once you discover head lice it is normal to feel overwhelmed, and having these nasty little buggers live on your hair doesn't make you feel any better. I got it from cuddling with my daughter. It's been 5 days now and we have no more lice or nits, here's how (which is a combination of everything I've searched for and read, and which of course I felt made sense):
1) Do not use RID, it doesn't help. They were still there.
2) Wash and dry clean everything! We also put stuff in the freezer overnight. You only need to do this washing once, as afterwards you need to control the situation and can also use Lysol spray and/or sit on clean towels which need to be washed every day.
3) We made a mixture of yellow listerine, vinegar, dishwash soap, 5 drops of tea tree oil and coconut milk.
We put it on our head and left it there for two hours. We used clingwrap around our heads. Two important things to buy are: Suave coconut shampoo and the proper metal nit comb. This is really priceless as we tried first with a plastic nit comb which does not do even half the job. As one mom previously mentioned look online at: nitty gritty in the UK. Well, after leaving our concotion in for two hours we rinsed our heads and washed with coconut shampoo. Rinse and put in conditioner. Comb out the hair so that there are no tangles and your are ready to use your nit comb. We did this in the shower so that you can easily rinse the comb with hot water after every stroke.
We used this shampoo each morning for 5 consecutive days, left it in for 5 minutes, washed with suave coconut shampoo and used the nit comb with conditioner thereafter. At the end of the day, for 5 days, I boiled hot water, put it in a bowl, and combed through the hair while dipping the comb in hot water after each stroke. Today, we have no more nits, so no more lice. Now we keep a close eye on our hair but do use the conditioner and will comb through our hair every day for the next week. It becomes easier as you get in the routine. Also, don't forget to put you bed linen in the dryer every day for at least 20 minutes. Also wash any towel you've used once for the first week, and don;t forget to desinfect all your hair utensils! Well, good luck and I hope this helps!!

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HI. Just checking for a better solution, and came across yours. What is the amounts of all the ingredients you used to make the 'shampoo'. I am very frustrated right now. We did try a 'natural' Remedy. It did work, but didn't help with nits. I got everything you suggested here...but what amounts of each ingredient did you use?

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