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Forget everything else. The answer is simple - HAIR STRAIGHTENERS!!! I tried shop bought remedies, mayonnaise, oil, vaseline, vinegar - nothing would get rid of the little eggs. My girls and I cried many a tear in frustration when we couldn't get rid of the nits. Then I realised that we are advised to wash clothes and bedding at 60 degrees to kill the eggs. Hair tongs reach temps up to 200 degrees. You need to do it a couple of times to get rid of them all. They come out whilst washing the hair after the straightening treatment. The ones that sit close to the scalp can then be picked out easily by hand, if necessary. Please try it and spread the good word!

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I read this on a nother website and tried it and it didn't work they just came back.


I also thought this would work and figured it was common sense but no it came right back for me also


My daughter tried this and she held the straightener on her hair too long and burned it. She was losing small clumps of hair. Fortunately(?) she has a lot of hair. And she still had them. It doesn't work. Suffocate them!

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