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I am 22 year old Asia male.and I live in maimi now. At age 22 brithday, about 4 months ago I lost my virginity to a girl who is now a friend. The incident didn't last long, I believe a total of 7 minutes but not continually, as her parents were about to come home. I also didn't reach climax. The incident was unprotected which I know always poses some risk. Also she said she was on her period, but I saw absolutely no blood. I've asked her repeatedly if she had been tested. Her response was that she had a test after her last boyfriend and I believed he didn¡¯t have herpes . She also said she has no diseases. She isn't a herpes person either, although she has done drugs. I am a college graduate and she is a white female college student. She has had experience however, having told me she has had 9 partners but only two or three committed boyfriends whom she slept with unprotected. This is the only sexual exposure I've had although i've done other virtually non risk things with other girls. I know it was dumb and I am now somewhat scared to get tested although I know that if I have it, testing won't change anything besides the knowledge of my status. I just wish I could force her to get tested in front of me because if I know her test results for sure there is really no reason I have to get tested. I have had no symptoms, although I did have a fever for two days about 7 months after wards. She has also never traveled outside the country, if that matters in terms of demographic risk. now , we all have herpes, and i dont how to do with it.she felt very sorry and sad. i told my mother, and she felt sorry for me. i have passed a dark time. after i was told a nice site for herpes dating and¡¯ 'sdloving,c0m'. i join,its very nice and fun , and i have found my new GF with herpes. we love each other very much. and now i can do myself again. so i want to share this with more herpes we have a nice holidays in China.she is very cute,and I can find myself when I stay with her.after our holiday we will come back to maimi and find a job. We want to get marry 2 years later..but herpes always make us feel uncomfortable. So I come to this forum to find some friends to share ur experience.i hope u guys can help me and my GF.thanks, hope all herpes people have a beautiful life in the future.

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