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I am surprised no one has posted this yet, but this is something I've tested and found to work very well for removal of genital warts.

If any of you have been to a physician for treatment or removal of your g.warts, you will most likely have experienced cryocautery (or cryotherapy).

An easy and cheap alternative is to use those pressurized dusters used on electronics (keyboards etc). These can be found at your nearest fry's or best buy.
Make sure to check the contents, the one I am using are just simple refrigerant and dimethyl ether found in common wart removing kits.

Just turn the can upside down and carefully spray (with the tubed nozzle) in bursts on your wart. Don't go crazy on your sessions, it's better to hit a few warts at a time and return within a few days for another round.

Keep a good schedule going until they've all been removed.

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louise is full of shit. oxyfend is garbage. somebullshit cream that don't even work.


I guess I am lucky I have 2 warts that return all the time and are small... I have had a big outbreak before but subsided it by losing weight and changing my diet to mostly rabbit food and eggs... Alovera is a nice topical and helps with increase in sulfur based foods... Hydroproxide to prevent infection if they get opened up... Your imune system largely effects outbreaks because when my wife was pregnant with our daughter she had an outbreak... That is how we found out

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