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Wet a tea bag. Place over your eye for 10 to 15 min. The tea will draw the sty. You can use any type of tea bag.

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FYI, we used a Tension Tamer by Celestial Seasonings tea bag on our 3-year-old's sty. Because of the ginger content (or was it the lemon grass, cinnamon, etc.????), the skin around her eye and onto her cheek was irritated. She does have sensitive skin, but still! I now use only chamomile tea bags and they help a lot, but she still is struggling with getting rid of them. She's had three since March. Her doctor said some are more prone to sties and sometimes it's just the age, etc., etc. The doctor also said, 'There's no cure!' And she didn't recommend surgery because of her age. Although, until just now, I had never heard of the gold ring treatment! I will try that, too!!!!


I read this post last night (8/2/08), I put a tea bag on my eye lid for 15 mintues before I went to bed. In the morning, I woke and the pain level had decreased (annoying, irritating pain). I looked in the mirror, it had formed more of a head, that started to drain once I used a sterile Qtip to gently put a little (very little) pressure on it.
Finally after a week of this giant sty on my eye that was feeling like a bowling ball, some relief. I did one more treatment and again mid morning (8/3/08) and it looks so much better and the swollen feeling is almost gone.

I will definetly use this again as I get sties more often than I would like. I used a camomile type tea, I think it's called easy now or something like that.


I've had a huggge stye for (not kidding) about 8 months!
I bought $80.00 eye drops (prescription)
and plucked about 1/3 of my eye lashes
I just threw away the tea bag i used and can already tell it's helping.
you're a saint!

lynn n stl

ok im desperate havent had a sty n years but the pain is killing me im tryin the teabag method now hope this works.


I've been suffering for two days with this stye ,my cousin told me about the tea bag the first day I got it but it seem so ridiculous I ignored it but I just try it 15 minute ago and I already feel better!!! Thank you very much because tomorrows my big bithday

Jackie Shipley

been fighting with the pain in my eye for 2 days nothing seems to help so why not try it. within literally a minute to 2 minutes after applying a tea bag I can open my eye without pain and the light is not hurting as bad I don't have to wear sunglasses in the house thank you for the awesome tip this really works

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