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Wet a tea bag. Place over your eye for 10 to 15 min. The tea will draw the sty. You can use any type of tea bag.

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the tea bag really worked great!!!
it only took about ten minutes



got mine and its xmas eve :( hope this works


I just got mine and have to go to school I'm praying it works thanks for the advice.


Thanks, I too Have school tommorrow hopefully it works!:)


I woke up this morning with a pain in my eye and I knew what it was! I came to this website in need of help so I'm going to try the tea bag and praying that this really will work fast cause I don't like pain!


i am doing it at work after 2 days of suffering... one application so far, pain is diminishing and i smell of pekoe... the pain is gone and it worked!


omg im using the tea bag i pray to god in works and i hope i get rid of this sty


after suffering for 4 days i found you on the internet, and i just tried the tea bag , hope it works .


The tea bag method works great! I get sties often and thats the only thing I use!


ok, just about to try the teabag method and am wondering only one thing: does it stain your eye!? i really need this damn thing out of my eye before a big party tomorrow night! thanks for the tip x

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