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I dont know when I got GH, but im just now getting over my first outbreak. Its been 2wks. I first tried using the tea tree oil after seing it on here, I used that in combination with Mercuroclear (sp?) Didnt think the TTO did much so I just used the Merc and it seemed to help a little with pain and kinda started healing them. I tried the abreva and it made my sores soo much worse and even caused me to break out more!!! I only did abreva 1x and stopped. Continued the merc and also a&d ointment. Took tylenol for the pain & fever (
For the burning while peeing, since my sores are on my labia and outer labia (only on the left side) I used a plastic card to block my urine like a charm!!! Good luck to you all! I hope this is my first & only outbreak for a loooong time!!!!

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I have had GH for 11 yrs but haven't had any OB in at least 8 yrs. I recently had my wisdom teeth pulled and was put on penicillen which caused yeast infection and an OB also got sores on 1 side of the labia I have to say I LOVE the plastic card trick now I won't hit the ceiling everytime I have to go. Thanks wish I thought of it years ago.


oh good!! Im sooo glad to have helped someone!! :) It is the BEST trick ever!!


ALSO, another thing I forgot to add in my original post....on Friday I bought some Bactine spray and although it did sting a bit when I sprayed it on, after about 5mins, I was pain free and could walk, sit and stand comfortably...I also really think the bactine has helped with the healing process as well!! Hope this helps someone!!

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