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i went through all of these ideas because i have been in horrible pain two days. need relief until dentist appt. i tried only two but really paid attention to some comments in particular. i tried rinsing with cold milk and kit seemed to ease pain only moments. someone suggested chew bread and cover tooth with the chunk of bread to keep air off the tooth. that worked until the bread eventually dissolved each time i swallowed. so i made my own remedy. i chewed 4 pieces of sugar-free gum and covered the tooth with the gum. then just kept it covering my tooth. IT WORKS! NO AIR GETS TO MY TOOTH. NO PAIN after about 10 minutes. i will remember this. hope it helps you too.

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Thankyou very much. This post has helped me very much as I suffer with tooth-ache all day every day and I can not carry on just ignoring it because it just gets worse. I tried this and it helped me a lot and I only had to wait a couple of minutes as pain killers take about half an hour usually. If you have tried lots of other things to get rid of tooth-ache and none ever work this should work a treat for you as it did for me. Thankyou.


Use dental wax. The kind for braces. It forms to your tooth and you only have to replace once a day.

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