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You will mainly find this in mexican stores but its called manzanilla. Boil a few sticks and drink a cup warm. It's also safe for young children.

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American Adult

chomomile is its english translation... sold in any American store.. learn about the native language!


LOL! it's called chamomile, and you try to find a stick of that at Ralph's, Vons, HEB, whatever... good luck with that. and dont be a dick you litte biggot you. Thanks for the tip Misty. Really appreciate it


What an Angry ignorant ass. this Works really well thank you.

Eddie B.

'Native language'? hahaha, what an idiot..


U stupid dick in case u didn't notice u fucking racist puerto Rico is part of the united states so technically Spanish is one of the native languages which is why most things r in both English n spanish so before u speak of 'native' learn about where u come from asshole


Wow American Adult you can't spell chamomile right LOL.

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