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I've been 17 days with ears so congested after a sinus-cold that started as a bad cold at the beginning and transformed in a sort of chronic sinusitis. I was desperate looking for a quick fix for my annoying congested ears and tried every single piece of advice in this site. Nothing helped until I decide to try the holistic approach, meaning to heal the cause of the imbalance rather than the symptoms. Today I would say I'm 90% hearing. So my advice is to look through your symptoms and try to see what's going on on your life. For me was depression and lack of purpose, so my energy was completed imbalance. I started a program to balance my energy points (chakras) and did some research. I found out that ears, eyes and nose are related to the seven chakra (third eye) I stared some meditation (Youtube is a good source to find them) to unblock and balance my chakras. I started to be more grateful and see more close at my relationships with friends and family. I basically stared a spiritual healing and loving more myself. I assure that powerful meditations, prayers and a lot of insightful looking will work wonderful in your ears blockage. At least it worked for me. Every illness has an emotional and spiritual cause that has to be address in order to completely heal. There are tons of help and literature on healing from the spiritual side, and it works for any other illnesses. So take your time don't desperate and start know to heal yourself.

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I agree 100% with thank you.


I hope all u closed minded assholes live with clogged ears for the rest of ur lives....and you idiot that makes americans look bad for even making that stupid comment about you must not be american, u fucken ignorant white trash. N ill respond like this because you wouldn't understand a positive response.
For the person that posted this: thank u so much, it definitely made a huge change in many areas of my life n im sure other lives too.


Wow, all the negative energy put into those comments is draining. I never thought about my chakras. I will have to work on those again. Thank you for posting this, Blessed Be


I second the comment about the trailer trash who posted about someone not being American. I'm born and bred American and appreciate the post - only a moron would completely disregard methods that have been successfully put in practice for hundreds of years.


Those who cannot disagree respectfully do lend greater credence to their opposition.

Some efforts at spiritualistic healing may be harmful or unfruitful; yet, so are some physical approaches.

As Jesus said - The Truth will make us free!


What a bunch of fucking assholes. What is the point of bashing her for posting what helped her? If you don't agree with her beliefs then move on and don't try it. You don't have to make it a point to be judgmental and close-minded. This is why I hate humans. Fucking dicks.

Pleaidian Jen

People that post obnoxious responses are unaware that our govt is covering up how energy works. The indian yogis know about energy and can manifest money out of thin air. They can manifest whatever their desires b/c they have mastered energy. Do you see why our govt keeps this info from us and brings us into a dark society where people are cruel to others. It's because your energy will be lowered where you can't do these miraculous things. If you want to find out more look up the book Autobiography of a Yogi, It was the book that Steve Jobs said changed his life. You will see what i mean and you will understand why we have been lied to about this science called quantum physics. It would mean that we would not need our govt or their system.

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