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I've been 17 days with ears so congested after a sinus-cold that started as a bad cold at the beginning and transformed in a sort of chronic sinusitis. I was desperate looking for a quick fix for my annoying congested ears and tried every single piece of advice in this site. Nothing helped until I decide to try the holistic approach, meaning to heal the cause of the imbalance rather than the symptoms. Today I would say I'm 90% hearing. So my advice is to look through your symptoms and try to see what's going on on your life. For me was depression and lack of purpose, so my energy was completed imbalance. I started a program to balance my energy points (chakras) and did some research. I found out that ears, eyes and nose are related to the seven chakra (third eye) I stared some meditation (Youtube is a good source to find them) to unblock and balance my chakras. I started to be more grateful and see more close at my relationships with friends and family. I basically stared a spiritual healing and loving more myself. I assure that powerful meditations, prayers and a lot of insightful looking will work wonderful in your ears blockage. At least it worked for me. Every illness has an emotional and spiritual cause that has to be address in order to completely heal. There are tons of help and literature on healing from the spiritual side, and it works for any other illnesses. So take your time don't desperate and start know to heal yourself.

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Why don't you just use that energy to keep yourself from getting sick at all you fucking genius.


Wow I cannot believe how cruel people can be. Seriously? They should be ashamed of their harsh judgements. I have tried EVERYTHING to fix my ear problem except for your suggestion. It makes sense to me. Thank you.


Your response was exactly what I needed when I needed it. Sorry for all the negative energy being thrown at you. I'd suggest you do Donna Eden's zip up technique so all the negativity will ping off you, but I'd bet you already do. :) Energy healing is awesome, thanks for sharing. Namaste.


thank you for sharing a rememdy that worked for you. the ignorant of our society don't realize that healing must be approached from a holisitic, and even a spiritual perspective. you have reminded me that the ears are connected to the third eye chakra; i overlooked that point (i kept thinking it was the throat chakra) so now i will approach my problem with this new insight and i bet it will help shift some stuck and congested energy. thanks! all the stupid and hateful comments posted here remind me that we live in a very sick world who just hope for the magic pill to cure their ills. wake up people! it does in fact take spiritual work and a holistic approach to heal yourself.


Thank you so much, it really worked for me. I had a clogged ear for about 2 minutes then I touched my third eye and it unclogged immediately.




Your Rad :)


those of you that don't believe, you need the real help. how can you judge her? he/she said she has 90% relief and is working on her spirit! two results for the price of one! we are spirits in a human body and i do believe that the mind affects the body.
thank you for the reminder! i will look into this for myself! i went swimming at the Y and my ears have been clogged ever since, so i was looking only at the body but my husband has been telling me to look at my spirit and i have been balking him because i think it came from the chlorine. But i do remember that i felt afraid to take the risk when we started swimming last august. i like to take risks but do feel afraid sometimes, at the same time.
Once again, than you, and thank you for sharing!


Let me guess, you're not from America are you? Learn some fucking English. We're all just looking for ways to unclog our ears, not search for a third eye that doesn't exist.


People that need to use 'fuck' in their responses to a post like this are basically psychological flashers: 'Here I am. I'm loud, obnoxious, wallowing in fear and convinced of my superiority.' And possessed of a very limited vocabulary.

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