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I've been 17 days with ears so congested after a sinus-cold that started as a bad cold at the beginning and transformed in a sort of chronic sinusitis. I was desperate looking for a quick fix for my annoying congested ears and tried every single piece of advice in this site. Nothing helped until I decide to try the holistic approach, meaning to heal the cause of the imbalance rather than the symptoms. Today I would say I'm 90% hearing. So my advice is to look through your symptoms and try to see what's going on on your life. For me was depression and lack of purpose, so my energy was completed imbalance. I started a program to balance my energy points (chakras) and did some research. I found out that ears, eyes and nose are related to the seven chakra (third eye) I stared some meditation (Youtube is a good source to find them) to unblock and balance my chakras. I started to be more grateful and see more close at my relationships with friends and family. I basically stared a spiritual healing and loving more myself. I assure that powerful meditations, prayers and a lot of insightful looking will work wonderful in your ears blockage. At least it worked for me. Every illness has an emotional and spiritual cause that has to be address in order to completely heal. There are tons of help and literature on healing from the spiritual side, and it works for any other illnesses. So take your time don't desperate and start know to heal yourself.

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thats ok. these closed minded individuals just want to keep having health problems. gives them something to complain about which makes them feel good. they should just keep drinkin cola and eating junk food and have bad attitudes so they can keep getting sick all the time. have fun guys.


Wow what a bunch of dick head comments. Good for u that u are open enough to understand where issues like this come from. I appreciate your advice, I need to work on myself, my ears are really bothering me!


unfortunately there are too many individuals with closed minds, quick to judge and not accepting of the ability the mind has over our health.
I love those that are aware and can see that most of the worlds problems (and our health issues) can be healed with open eyes and open minds.


thank you for your insight, but I think most people are looking to fix something asap. I have a triathlon to do soon, and have glue ear. i don't have time to float to the moon and back. Moreover all that meditating may just screw up the other things in my life that I am trying to lie to myself about.


Wow I tried because I thought that maybe it was just a stoner thing but now that I tried it my life has became more level. My boyfriend and me quit fighting and all my stress from work and home has went down a lot and now all my friends and family says that they see a huge change in me. thanxs who ever you are

Michael K.

I agree that physical problems are the result of spiritual needs. The angry folks who posted here are still too afraid to see that, so they are resisting. God bless them.


It's pretty sad how people are so bored with themselves, they go through all the trouble targeting someone. If you don't like it it agree with move on instead of writing rediculius comments like 'your fucking insane'
Seriously? It sounds like a 14 year old trying to look cool.


I wish I had 4 hands so I could give this awful comment 4 Thumbs Down!


Some people never grow up enough to learn to accept that it's good to open up your mind; doesn't mean you have to accept the theory or idea (even though it's a good to a lot of the time). The saying 'wisdom is wasted on the young' is not totally true, it's waisted on fools. There are plenty of well-educated idiots out there. Remember - the mind is like a parachute, if it's not open it doesn't work!


Jeepers! Now I have heard it all. LOL

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