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I had a huge plantar wart (as big as a quarter) on my right heel as well as 2 smaller ones surrounding it. I also has a small one on the ball of my left foot. After months and months of trying the OTC stuff, I finally gave in and went to the doctor, had a needle shoved into my heel (it was the anesthetic so it, itself, was just a needle in my foot, worst pain I have ever felt in my life) and had the damn things carved out of my foot. The aftermath was not bad at all, considering that once the ones on my heel were carved out, I had a good 1/5th of my entire heel as a gaping hole. There was little to no pain since I could walk on the balls of my foot instead (and on the heel of my left foot since that one was also, after being painfully anesthetized, carved out as well. There was actually little to no pain, and I was able to even drive myself home after the surgery. This was about 7 years ago.

My point of that was, though, that the anesthetizer was so painful in itself, than when I found another plantar on the balls of my right foot and a small one on my second toe above it, that surgery was already opted out, no matter how efficient it was for me.

I started reading through here and am going to try the neosporin and duct tape method, tied in with the salycilic acid because I want these damn things gone, but I can not afford to not be on my feet all day at work, and the pain from the ACV just seems like more of a hindrance in that aspect than help.

What I am going to do though, since mine are all still under the skin and not raised, is use the acid to kill enough skin above and around it so that i can stick a big blob of the neosporin right on top of the viral area and duct tape it completely flat and leveled out, that way its more potent. Starting tonight (or this morning at this point) and will update in a week.

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After reading about remedies that others have tried, I decided to go with the apple cider vinegar method. It showed results after one treatment!!! Nothing else I tried has ever worked. Including the doctor freezing the warts off, duct tape, neosporin, freeze off, and many other methods. So I would highly recommend using ACV. God luck!


Problem is, I am on my feet a LOT at work and can not afford to have extra foot pain or I would have tried it. BUT! Update!

I used 3 acid pads worth on each part, the balls of my foot and the toe. After each 48 hour period (i acid pad per 48 hours) I would soak my foot and then scrape the dead skin off. After that, I just covered the open areas with duct tape.

Today, I have a nice smooth spot where the wart on the balls of my foot were, including the foot print lines returning to their normal locations instead of being redirected around the wart. The toe is taking a little longer, but it also had a lot less pressure on it, meaning it is probably not being suffocated as well as the balls of my foot, though it is already half the size it was originally was.

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