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I had never been exposed to Chiggers till now- and i'm 38- but Whoa is me i walked in a field with my daughter and my sis to take pics for my Daughter's Graduation Announcement. After an after noon of taking pics sitting in the nature with the pretty wild flowers.. I found my self itching and later covered from Waist line to Knees in chigger bites.
After several baths and some Cortisone cream and an oral allergy pill- In desperation to stop the itching, I tried while in the shower putting this Foot Mud Mask that is Menthol all over my skin. I let it sit for literally 2 mins and then rinsed my legs down.
My skin was all tingly and cool the itching stopped for a good 3-4 hrs.
I would like to try it again and rinse with a Salt scrub to help dry them out--

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