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I have no idea what everyone is talking about... i have had this about 5 days now. it is the most unbearable pain i have ever felt in my life im on 3 meds. zovirax(cream) septra ds and famvir... so far ive only tried epsom salt baths they burn like hell as EVERYTHING else i have tried@! literally i am always in pain it never stops i can barely move i have 2 jobs and im in school and im having the hardest time explaining why i cant be there...i also have an outbreak in the middle of my bottom lip and NOTHINGGG has been working on it its only getting worse and this zovirax shit seems to be bull ! 5 days of constant pain i dont know how much longer i can do this.... i need so much help.

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i know how hard it is! trust me. going through an OB right now and its terrible! epson salt baths have never really seemed to help me. as far as healing them I can't help you there. I've used Valtrex in the past and it has worked but taken time. The best relief I have found is a napkin soaked in milk. It doesnt help heal or dry them up but it sooths it and some how makes them feel better for the time being. after reading this blog i found out the tylenol PM crushed up into a paste form works, and tea tree oil helps pull the puss out and help it heal. good luck! it sucks i know! try not to break down too much. i know its really not that easy


Don't let this ruin your life!! You will find a way that best fits you, it just might take some time....

Here's what you really need to try....

when you have an OB, eat lots of food containing Lysine. There are two amino acids in your body, Arginine and Lysine. When you have too much arginine in your body, you can have an OB.

This may sound crazy but try it. It works for me. Eat one pound of Flounder (or sole if you can't find flounder). Steam the fish so the nutrients say in it, then flavor it however you want. The flounder has 11,000 mg of Lysine in it!! Sole has about 3/4 of that although still awesome for you!! I also take Lysine pills, although they take longer to digest.

Foods that also contain lysine are eggs, cheese, yogurt, chicken, turkey....look it up online and find something you might like!!

I really like to take the natural way to ridding my body of the blisters, and eating what my body needs in a time like an OB I feel is the best cure. I go a bit further then that and also....

topically apply iodine to the blisters. You can get the iodine at any pharmacy. Just soak a cotton ball with it and dab the blister. Let the iodine dry and be back on your way. The iodine is such a strong antiseptic that it dries up the blisters really fast. It can dry them up over night.

Also eat lots of garlic. Garlic pills are the best if you take them every day. The really surpress any OB's you might have.

One thing I also might add, stay away from nuts and chocolate and try to keep an all around healthy diet. Love your body and your body will love you back.

lysine lysine lysine!!!


God that sounds way to familiar. Ask your doctor for acyclovir. It will become your best friend. And DO NOT take epsom salt baths, they dont work no matter how long you take them. Dont put anything on it, keep it dry even tho it sucks. Dont rub your eyes. You can get the presciption and it will be gone within like a week. if it keeps coming back then you will have to take the smaller dose everyday. Good Luck. Its all that works.

Linda F.

Zovirax does not help me at all....seems to cause more trouble. I have tired Abreva which actually seems to spread the blisters. The best I have found is Novitra. Its over the counter and works GREAT for me.....but it is getting harder to find. I had to order it online this last time.


I know the feeling haay. First OB is the worst and depressing and omg.. tried every single thing my doc said, but i wasn't responding well. Then I went to a homeopathic doc and gave me a natural meds Herpeset. Homepage is amazing.. worked very well on my cold sores, blisters, and relieved the burning pain and itch in no time. Now Im not so scared about outbreaks. Worth to try. All the best!

sara wagner, ripon, wi

I just got done with my first outbreak about a week and a half ago. It was really painful for me too and i could barely pee, poop, sit, stand, walk, or even do any type of bending. I found out that putting babypowder that has cornstarch powder on it is one of the best things to do for it. I put the powder in my underware right where the outbreak is and then as the day goes on, i keep putting it on as needed. Always wear clean underwear and keep up the hygiene and it will help with the blisters. I would also suggest taking asprin, advil, or whatever you use for the pain. I am nineteen and I was raped in the butt and the person gave me herpes. I hope this helps you out alot.


Go to Walmart get some Lysine. They are found in the vitamin isle. They come in 500 mg or 1000. The 500mg are easier to take. Take 2x a day.

Do not eat peanuts, or any type of nut ( almonds cashew what have you forgo them). This causes an outbreak.

If you consume too much asorbic acid which is in Orange Juice or Vitamin C you will get them back. Watch this.

For your pain ibprofern.
For the sores. Cold sore cream you get at the drug store. This clears the bumps. Also if you put benzoil peroxide it dries it up you might try Acne Free.

The lysine prevents it. Taken everyday and avoiding peanuts and nuts outbreaks are really reduced.

Also keeping this dry and drying them out is the only way to get them gone. Some people use a hair dryer and the heat from that. Then putting the fever blister cream on it.

Remember bleach towels and washcloths.

I hope this helps I had to learn the hard way.

Oh becareful of what people cook with I found out the hard way again when people use peanut oil it exacerbates Herpies.


go to the pharmacy....grab some L-Lysine pills. they are meant to take internally....but i've found that if you take them and run them under hot water and rub them all over the area, it helps dry them up alot faster, even allowing them to NOT come to a blister. i caught herpes in the nursery when i was born at the hospital. i have the cold sore type, but i've had outbreaks ALL OVER my face and in my eyes. this remedy is what i have found to work, EVEN better then when my doc slapped me on valtrex pills for a long time(i still had outbreaks then). i'm giving my liver a break from processing chemicals and i use this method to get rid of the bumps, when i get run down or am exposed to too much sun. GOOD LUCK!!!!!


Yes the cream didn't didn' nor the pills for me either but I've only had it for 4 months and I breakout almost every other week only thing I can tell you is just try to keep dry to avoid irritation use baby powder and sometimes to urinate I use warm water to poor over the blisters so it won't burn as much and neospirin right after I take a shower and idk how to get rid of the smell but I know that scented soaps make it worst and jergens brings it out more I use mainly just a bar of dove shea butter or the original scent it help for the most part n try taking a bath in really warm water w/ apple vineagar and peroxide it kinda burns at 1st when you get in but it starts to go away a lil

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