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Ladies, and gentlemen, PLEASE dont use harsh chemicals that ARENT made for face like vicks,windex,. Store bought treatments for acne are bad enough with all THEIR chemicals. Natural, especially PURE natural, works best. I mean, what did we use before modern medicine? yeaah!! plants! and thats what works best for out body. not abacytaline #36 or Sodial lauryl sulfate crap. wonder why your skins dry n itchy n inflames? CHEMICALS.
Best things to use for acne.
-lemon( can mix in plain yogurt, with sugar/olive oil/alone, etc)
-sugar scrubs
-water, lots of it
-figure out your skin type! washing too much can be just as bad as too little. some ppl are better off washing with only hot water!
- moisturize. whichi hate doing cause moisturizer has chemicals uggh.
- dont pick, or touch face( hard for me even, i know)
- vitamins! AND A GOOD DIET. remember, what you eat, affects WHOLE body. and your skins a huge part of it!
- fruits- strawberry, raspberry, citruses, great for face! bananas good too.
- veggies are just as important!

my fave toner!!( my own recipe)
- 3/4 bottle ( i use mini bottles for travel use) full of witch hazel.
- about 10 drops tea tree oil( i swear by t.tree oil. used in recipes, or as a spot treatment!)
thats mostly the base.
i also like to add some lavendar oil, sometimes peppermint, well usually peppermint, makes my face cool n tingly n minty hehe. 5 drops of each of lav. and peppermint. i put a lil mor ein depending on smell n strength id like. you can always add more remember! umm. i pop in about 3-4 aspirin, and add one more about every week or two, or a month depending. dont want too much aspirirn! its good to just add the toner to a aspirin in your hand, then its exfoliating, AND redness/inflammation goes away! hope this helps. visit and get ahold of me for more great recipes!!!!

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The items probably are good 'support' for skin. Your skin (an organ) reflects/shows what you eat. If clogged pores were really the problem; why don't 10000 soldiers who live in the woods for 45 or more days with no showers not get acne? It's from the foods you eat. Acne is a symptom of food allergies. Figure out what you're allergic to and it will go away. I have done it myself.


To the person who posted this original message: good job. As an Esthetician/Skincare Technician its good to see someones doing things that are healthier for their acne issues than using insane and harsh chemicals which can hurt and damage their skin in ways they cannot reverse. Kudos to you.


This is MOSTLY true but on your 'mix' you said you add lavender, lavender is actually bad for your skin and causes inflammation to occur. I was told this by my skin care provider, and i have proof. Go to almost any anti wrinkle product and look at the ingredients, almost always there will be lavender. because lavender causes inflammation the skin swells, therefore taking away wrinkles, but lavender still causes inflammation and therefore is bad for your skin.

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