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Too Abcesses are very dangerous. If it has gotten to the point you cannot sleep because the pain is so bad every time you lay down its all you can think about, stop fooling yourself. You need to seek medical help immediately. Your bodies Immune system will fight off infection as best as it can but if you cannot sleep that will compromise your immune system and bring even worse problems into your body.

I have read people suggesting lancing and draining techniques. Let me caution you, from the very mouth of my own dentist when I asked her about the practice. DO NOT DO IT. An infection is dangerous as it is, it gets even more dangerous once it enters the blood stream. If you are not a medical professional do not try lancing an abcess. If the infection gets into your blood stream you will become septic and can die.

I had no insurance but my back tooth was killing me(not a figure of speech) I ended up getting a loan using my car title to go see the dentist, they gave me antibiotics, a powerful painkiller and two weeks later extracted three of my rear teeth, two of which had been permanently damaged by the infected one. If you are in that much pain as i was in what ever material possessions you have that can be sold i suggest selling them to go to the dentist, they can be replaced, your teeth can be replaced, your life cannot.

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