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AHHH!! Someone please tell me what i should do! I am experiencing my second GH OB, my first having having been less than 2 weeks ago. During the first one i had little red bumps and i used the peroxide and abreava paste method it worked after several days. This time i have them on the inside so i made a douch with the peroxide it isnt helping just burning me to death. I didnt get any red bumps this time just skipped right up to white blisters, i am covered in them from front to back, i tried the peroxide and paste on themlike before but all its doing is burning me to death. What can i do!! This hurts so bad and i have to go to work in 2 hoursare the OB going to keep on coming like this every T weeks and worse every time!! If so i cant deal with this, i didnt even get this from sex, i got it from an unclean hospital, what am i suppose to do, any ideas?? I also tried both the zince and neoaporin creams but they both just made it itchier. What can i do!! Help please!! Have been taking the lysine since first outbreak doesnt seem to make any difference. This is so bad, i can barely stand up it hurts so much. Help??

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I just wanted to say you shouldn't use a peroxide douche it will only cause more problems. I have had GH for about 11 yrs the 1st yr I got outbreaks fairly often, after that they seemed to only come on when i was very stressed or if I wore really tight undies or shorts often. If possible get a pair of boxers or sleep shorts dont wear any undies just kinda let it air out. also if you hae hair down there i have found that when i shave it feels better as i dont have hair rubbing up against the blisters/sores. also lightly dip a qtip in peroxide and dap it on the sores let it sit for a few mins then you can add neosporin or vaseline to keep it from rubbing. I also use antibacterial soap and warm water a few times a day after each time i go to the bathroom if possible. if you can call your dr and get a prescription for Valtrex or Zovirax it will definetly lessen the amount of time you have the outbreak. Take tylenol or ibuprofen for the pain sit in a warm bath and use a hair dryer with the cool settign to air dry the area dont rub it. the dryer it is the better so it can dry out and heal. I know it can be VERY painful and even embarrassing to talk to your dr about, but if you are getting OB's that often you really should get a prescription to help get it under control and then after a short period of time you will only need the meds when you have an outbreak.


thank you so much for the advice. If i shouldnt use a peroxide douche what should i do for the ones inside my vagina, they hurt so bad??! I am already on the valtrex it doesnt appear to b doing anything i asked my doc about some kind of cream ive heard of that started with an a for GH and he said there are no creams for GH only valtrex (which doesnt seem to b doing anything). I had been perosixiding that whole area but ill try the qtip method and see if that doesnt helo my flesh heal ups ome, feels like hamburger meat. I unfortunatly dont have a bathtub just a walk in shower so i cant soak in anything like everyone recommends, but i will buy a hairdryer and see if that helps keep it from burning and itching. Thanks again, appreciate any and all advice! Wishing their was a way to prove this came from the hospital so i could make them pay for these meds!!


I have a prescription for Zorvirax cream 5% that really helps with the pain involved with an OB. I take Valtrex daily and the cream during an OB.


If you got this from an unclean hospital, you are absolutely entitled to damages. Talk to a lawyer about what you can recover... They owe you for every doctor's visit, rx, and expense as well as the damages to your life they have caused!


yes, although i am not the type to sew anyone i did speak to a lwayer just because im going to need help paying for all these meds. Unfortunatly he said it would b virtually impossible to orove that i comtracted it at the hospital. He said they would just argue that 90% of cases GH cases diagnosed come from some form of sexual contact so the judge would prbly through the case out upon hearing that. On top of that he said even if not they would request a lie detector test making sure the last person i had contact with was my ex over 2 years ago and since my ex does not have herpes and if he finds out i do it will just b another sinker in the basket on his side for the custody war we are engaged in that he is already winning, so i dont want to give him anymore ammuntion to try and take my kids away from me. but i know he doesnt have and i havent been with anyone else period, the student nurse in the er did not use gloves or even wash her hands any of the 9 times she came in to try and cath me (unseccusfully) and neither did the nurse her finally got the cath in up on the surgical ward. Im just so upset, ill my life ive been careful and now this and its not like i even got any sex out of it. Now ill never have sex again. I prbly was never going to get to anyway but now for sure i wont. I hate this burning itching feeling and im so sore i feel like raw hamburger i scream everytime i pee. Thanks everyone for ur advice on here, its been great.


i hope everything is getting better for you. my first 2 OB's were really close together like that also...ask your do if there is a higher dosage you can take... i sympathize with you i know exactly what your going through..i balled my eyes out for a week because of the pain it is awful!! hang in there they do trickle away and u wont have so many. i am also currently having one and it isnt being so bad... although i cant sleep!! but it isnt nearly as painful...trying the home remedie tea tree oil method now


So after having relatively rough sex, 2 days later I thought I had fissures from it ( tears on my vagina) but it hurt so much! I take a closer look, I notice I have ne big ulcer that looks identical to a canker right on the center of my labia. I freak out and go to my gyno, she tells me that it's warts and to use aldara, I do it and it becomes 124665467x worst... Now I have one twice as big on my anus companied with white spots on and inside my anus. Only thing I'm doing is taking valtrex, which does nothing. Is this even herpes? I have two big canker sore looking ulcers and I can barely walk, it hurts so bad. Also I think I saw blood in my stool but we have the that blue toilet bowl cleaner stuff so it hard to tell haha but PLEASE someone help me. I never had this before and I'm scared!


:( I feel your pain. This is my first ob...infact I just went to the dr. a few hours ago, still waiting on results. BUT from all the research I've done and what the dr. had to say...I'm sure herpes is the culprit. I've been w/ my husband since I was 15...we seperated 2 years ago. We just recently got back together 7 months ago. Since the seperation, I've had one partner and he has had 2 neither one of us were tested after. NOW 7 months later, I just started having symptoms last Friday. I've been devastated...I've cried to the point of vommitting. Besides of how BAD the pain has heart hurts even more. I feel like crawling in a hole. -but I was goin to tell you, I asked the dr. About what to do to relieve the pain (and the blisters 'sticking') and she told me to buy (TUCKS pads, they're for hemroids and women who have just had babies) THEY'RE working! They have witchhazel on them which is an astrigent but IT DOESN'T BURN it cools the area and it doesn't itch. I also was described the virus med, and I just started taking lysine...not too mention an occasional ib 800. I will say- this is the worst thing I have ever been through :( and I feel terrible for everyone who has this horrible virus.

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